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Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM) is a non-profit membership organisation and society formed to raise awareness on the science and practice of welding, joining, cutting and related technologies, and quality in welding workmanship.

Safety in Welding & Cutting Processes (SWCP)
15 January 2024
29 April 2024
29 July 2024
23 September 2024
25 November 2024
Claimable under HRDC @ PSMB
Course : RM 1,200.00 per participant*
10% discount on fee (on course fee only) for
a) WIM members
b) Online courses
c) Companies sending five (5) or more participants
( non-WIM members )
*Note : Fee is subject to 6% SST
1 Day
No.1, Jalan Utarid U5/13
Mah Sing Integrated Industrial Park
Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Section U5
40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Claimable under HRDC @ PSMB

MBOT CPD Hours: 6


Safety is an important consideration in all welding and cutting processes. There are many hazards encountered in these processes and one must be equipped with the knowledge of such hazards and ways to handle and control them in order to minimize personal injuries and property damage. This course is designed to give participants a good knowledge and understanding of these hazards and the safety measures to be taken in specific operations.  It also includes a short practical session to demonstrate good safety practices in welding and cutting and handling of welding consumables.


•Knowledge of the common hazards in welding and cutting
•Knowledge and understanding of the safety requirements during welding and cutting in specific operations
•Knowledge of basic safety regulations and practices relating to welding and cutting


•Common hazards in welding
     -Fire and explosion
     -Fume and gases
     -Electrical shock
     -Eye injuries
     -Skin burns
     -Mechanical hazards
•Welding/cutting safety in confined areas
•Basic safety regulations and practices relating to welding/cutting
•Demonstration of good safety practices in welding/cutting and handling of welding consumables


Who Should Attend
Managers, executives, supervisors, engineers who wants to have knowledge and understanding of the common hazards in welding and cutting processes and safety requirements.
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