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Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM) is a non-profit membership organisation and society formed to raise awareness on the science and practice of welding, joining, cutting and related technologies, and quality in welding workmanship.

Talks / Seminars

Friction Stir Welding for High Quality and Productivity Fabrication
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RM80.00 per person
TWI Technology (S.E.Asia) Sdn Bhd No. 1 Jalan Utarid U5/13, Section U5, Mah Sing Integrated Industrial Park Bandar Pinggiran Subang 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd & TWI UK collaboration with the Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM) would like to invite you to attend a Technical Talk on Friction Stir Welding for High Quality and Productivity Fabrication

Since its invention at TWI twenty five years ago,  Friction Stir Welding (FSW)  is used today by many companies around the world in production particularly for joining aluminium alloys. FSW is a solid state joining process that bypasses many of the problems inherent in fusion welding. Because the materials are not melted but plasticised, potential complications such as shrinkage, solidification cracking and porosity are all avoided.  Resulting welds are strong, consistent and require no gas shielding. FSW is a versatile and reliable joining technique and has become the preferred joining method for a multitude of applications in many industries including marine, aerospace, transport and computer.


The talk will  focus on:

1)      Fundamentals of FSW and some of its many derivatives  

2)      Benefits and challenges

3)      Applications in  marine and other industries

4)      Latest technical achievements



A presentation by an industrial user of FSW- MFE Formwork Technology.



1) Dr Steve Dodds

Senior Manager – Friction & Forge Processes, TWI UK


2) Mr Pat Gorham

COO,  MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd


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