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Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM) is a non-profit membership organisation and society formed to raise awareness on the science and practice of welding, joining, cutting and related technologies, and quality in welding workmanship.

Welding Appreciation Courses

WIM organises and conducts ‘Welding Appreciation’ courses with support from TWI, the world’s largest training organisation in welding, welding inspection and non-destructive testing.

Six ‘Welding Appreciation’ Courses have been designed for those who wants to have basic knowledge and understanding of

– Arc welding processes
– Welding inspection and quality
– Welding metallurgy
– Safety in welding & cutting processes
– Blasting and painting
– Destructive testing & Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques

The six courses are :
1) Appreciation of welding processes & quality
2) Basic welding and cutting processes workshop
3) Appreciation of welding metallurgy
4) Safety in welding & cutting processes
5) Introduction to blasting & painting
6) Basic destructive & Non-destructive testing workshop

All the courses above except course 3 are approved by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) for the ‘Contractor Continuous Development’ (CCD) program where points are awarded to employees of CIDB registered construction companies who attend these courses.