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Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM) is a non-profit membership organisation and society formed to raise awareness on the science and practice of welding, joining, cutting and related technologies, and quality in welding workmanship.

IIW Diploma in Welding

WIM ANB is the IIW Authorised Nominated Body of Malaysia approved by IIW to conduct the following IIW Diploma modules in Malaysia:


In conjunction with this, WIM ANB is authorised to


There is a high demand for people with specific technical knowledge of welding to undertake the tasks of welding coordination. As a special process, the control of welding quality depends on the knowledge of welding coordinators.

To comply with the requirements of ISO 3834, it is necessary for an employer to show that responsible welding coordinators have the specific technical knowledge necessary to perform the essential welding-related tasks given in  ISO 14731. The International Specialist, Technologist and Engineer Diploma provide demonstrable evidence of the basic technical knowledge requirements.


The IIW Diploma organised by WIM  is a modular programme, enabling progression in stages through three levels of qualification.


Specialist Level (IWS)
Personnel with some technical knowledge where the level of knowledge needs to be sufficient for the planning, executing, supervising and testing of tasks and responsibilities, within a limited technical field and involving simple welded constructions.


Technologist Level (IWT)
Personnel with specific technical knowledge, where the level of knowledge needs to be sufficient for the planning, executing, supervising and testing of tasks and responsibilities in welding fabrication, within a selective or limited technical field.


Engineer Level  (IWE)
Personnel with comprehensive technical knowledge, where full knowledge is required for the planning, executing and supervising of all tasks and responsibilities in welding fabrication.


Is this course suitable for me?
This course will be of great interest to engineers, technologists, welding co-ordinators and managers in the following fields – process plants, structural steelwork, bridges, pressure vessels, pipework and pipelines, storage tanks, offshore structures, general heavy equipment, ship building and ship repairs, automotive, construction, rail, aerospace, power generator equipment, material testing or any industry where welding is the major joining method.

If you have some technical knowledge with at least 2 years ’experience in welding-related tasks and are seeking to progress your career in welding engineering, the IIW diploma is for you.


How would attaining the IIW Diploma benefit me?
• Internationally-recognised qualification
• Evidence of knowledge and understanding of the essential welding-related tasks described in IS0 14731.
• A qualification that may enable you to take up the role of responsible welding coordinator as defined in ISO 3834.
• Increases your knowledge of welding production, including design and advanced welding processes.
• Increases your employability and value to the industry.
• Provides verification of your welding skills when tendering for jobs.
• Progresses your career, building your knowledge as you work through the modules towards
achieving your Welding Engineer qualification.
• Learn from internationally renowned experts.


Planning your training

The Diploma is available at three levels. You may not need to progress beyond the Specialist level, or you may wish to work your way all the way up to the Engineer level – it depends on the complexity of the welding tasks you and your company are involved with.

There are six (6) modules in the Specialist level, another four (4) modules in the Technologist level and a final four (4) in the Engineer level.

Entry requirements for each level are detailed on below website. Don’t worry if you don’t meet the entry requirements for the higher levels when you begin your training – you can gain them as you progress through the Diploma.

Once you begin studying towards the IIW Diploma, you must complete your chosen level within three (3) years. Depending on your availability and the course schedule, you may be able to complete your level in a much shorter time.

Each module lasts five days, from Monday to Friday inclusive, and ends with an exam on the final day. The only exception to this is at Specialist level: the modules ‘Advanced Welding Processes and Equipment’ (AWP) and ‘Welding Processes and Equipment ’ (WPE1) are taken over two weeks with a single exam at the end of the second week.

You can choose the order in which you take the modules making up your level, except for the ‘Fabrication and Application (FAA)’ module, which must be taken last in each level.

The vast majority of candidates who wish to take the Engineer level start with the six Specialist modules and build on their knowledge with the four Technologist modules and final four Engineer modules (Standard route). However, if you possess relevant academic qualifications and can prove that you have sufficient relevant welding engineering experience in inappropriate working environment, you may be granted exemption from some modules (Alternative route) .

For exemption from the practical module candidates would need to have certificates across a variety of welding processes from recognised welding certification bodies.


E –Learning package
We have introduced e-learning packages for the IIW Diploma modules which are ideal for pre-course learning or revision and provides flexibility to your learning process. These e-learning packages are FREE for anyone who enrols and has paid the respective module fees of the IIW Diploma course (Specialist, Technologist and Engineer levels).


Pre-course work
For each module we recommend that you spend as much time studying outside of the classroom as you do in the classroom. We strongly advise you to read the course notes we provide before beginning your module. The module course notes are provided on the condition that payment has been made on each module.

You will be expected to complete a minimum of two hours’ homework each evening during the course. This will consist of exercises and revisions of the topics covered that day.


We have a very good success rate but if you are unsuccessful, we offer free feedback on your failed exam paper.


Entry requirements
Entry requirements for each level is shown below. Don’t worry if you don’t meet the entry requirements for the higher levels when you begin your training. You can either gain additional qualifications as you progress through the diploma.


Entry examination
If you do not meet some of the entry requirements for the Specialist level you will need to pass an entry exam before you can begin studying towards the Diploma. There is no charge for this exam and you can take it at our training center in Shah Alam.

The entry exam is a 45-minute paper made up of 30 multi-choice questions on basic science and mathematics.


Exemption for some modules

If you wish to be given exemption from any modules candidates need to have at least four years experience as a Welding Engineer working across a variety of welding processes and disciplines. It is essential that you are confident in the areas covered as the majority of the class will have already studied the earlier modules and the lecturer is not able to go back over the material already taught. In our experience, candidates without this experience would struggle to pass the examinations without completing all the training.

The IIW only allow candidates who have extensive experience working as a welding engineer to be given exemption from any modules. These are their rules which we must follow in order to be able to issue you with an IWE certificate when you successfully pass your exams.

The assessor will review the details you provide when you request approval to enroll on the diploma and decide if any exemption can be given.



Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) hours

The Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)  has approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for attendance in all the fourteen modules in all three levels IWS, IWT & IWE. Each module is approved for 25 CPD hours.

MBOT was established as a professional body to register and recognize Professional Technologists (Ts) and Certified Technicians (Tc) as professionals in related technology and technical fields.

Minimum annual CPD hours are essential to renew the certificate of registration for Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians by MBOT.


Human Resource Development Corp (HRDC)

All the above modules are registered and approved under the HRDC  SBL KHAS scheme


How To Apply

Request an application form by e-mailing to inquiry@wim.org or welding.institute@wim.org.my

Return the completed application form including a CV detailing your experience and copies of any certificates and transcripts showing you meet the entry requirements.

It should take around one week for the assessor to process your form and review your details – you will receive an e-mail confirmation when this process is complete.

You can book your training by completing the enrolment form provided by training provider. The course (module) schedule will be provided by training provider or can be seen in our website.

Course/ Exam Fee:

IIW Diploma of International Welding Specialist (IWS) : RM3,600.00* per module

IIW Diploma of International Welding Technologist (IWT) : RM4,000.00* per module

IIW Diploma of International Welding  Engineer (IWE) : RM4,400.00*  per module

5 % discount is given to WIM members for all  modules                                     

*Note : Fee is subject to 8%  SST

*Course schedules are subject to change

Course Time:  0900 to 1700  (Mondays to Thursdays)

Exam time (IWS/IWT) :  0900  to 1200 (Fridays)

Exam time (IWE): 

Written :  0900 to 1200 (Fridays)     

Oral:1500- to 1800 (Fridays)

Venue: No 1, Jalan Utarid  U5/13, Section U5, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan .



For more information please contact:

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IIW Diploma of International Welding Specialist (IWS)

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IIW Diploma of International Welding Engineer (IWE)